A very special Strawberry Road Post: Sadie and Brandon's Crystal Lake Golf Club Wedding

I shot Sadie and Brandon's wedding at the end of last year at the Crystal Lake Golf Club and it was an amazing day!  The reason this wedding is "a very special" wedding is because most of these folks are basically family to me.  I ADORE every bride and groom I get to work with for sure but Sadie and Brandon are part of this AMAZING group of people that have accepted me and I wouldn't know them at all if it weren't for this one wonderful woman.  If you're reading this and you know me, you know who she is. I make a rare appearance in this post dancing with the most amazing woman I've ever known!  Sadie was kind enough to let me bring my kids, there's a great pic of my oldest dancing with a great friend of hers :) (yeah, my son, not so much, weddings aren't for 9yr old boys :)!  There's an image of a couple that's now engaged and I THINK I'll get to shoot their wedding!  There's Sadie's granddad dancing with her brother, OMG!  So many people and families that I adore!  I hope to grow old with all these people around me, I feel very blessed to know them all.  Thanks Sadie and Brandon, your wedding felt like home.  Sarah ;) (PS Hi Kevin!)