Allison and David's Late Spring Wedding & Maneely's!!!

On May 25th, 2014, thunderstorms were passing through the region and I spent the morning watching the weather forecasts.  By no means do I see a rainy wedding day as a bad thing.  There are plenty of cool options photographically speaking, but thunderstorms can bring a little bit of trepidation! As fate would have it, the storms passed to the north and south of Allison and David's wedding! 

It was a blast shooting with them!  All weddings leave you with some sort of feeling.  Sometimes, you can't quite put your finger on it and other times it's so strong that it leaves you with a feeling that you wish you could do it again.  The day was so happy, so low-key and focused on love that I wish I could bottle that to sip on from time to time!

What we did get that we can take away and revisit, was great images.  Allison and David, thanks so much for having me on your wedding day :)

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