Anh and Justin - Cascade Wedding in Hamden, CT

Anh and Justin were married at The Cascade in Hamden, CT  a few weekends ago and what a day it was!  The weather was perfect, spirits were high and there was energy in the air.  Justin got ready at a hotel up the road and Anh and the girls got ready at the cascade.  Buzzing with activity, it always amazes me when I'm shooting the "getting ready," when I look up at some point and the flip flops have been switched for nice shoes, bathrobes somehow morph into dresses and there's a beautiful bride checking her earrings in the mirror.  It all happens so quickly!

Anh watched in anticipation from the second story bridal suite while guests (and her groom) filed in below.  It really was a treat to watch her excitement grow.  The ceremony was flawless and everything went off without a hitch.  It was great to capture that very special moment!

Then came the reception and the biggest surprise as I had no inclination this was the case, Justin can dance!  It was great to see him tear it up and his moves aside, I think everybody had a blast!

Thanks so much Anh and Justin for a great wedding to shoot.  It was my pleasure to be part of it!