The Happiest Bride! A Riverview affair.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Laura and Dan's wedding.  Our day started in a Glastonbury, CT hotel room, then off to a very cool small church in the same town.  We stopped at the great sycamore tree for some formals, then it was off to the Riverview for the reception. 

One of the highlights of the day was Laura and Dan ringing the church bell.  It was great to watch too as the bridal party each took a turn, really fun stuff!  I was also quite impressed (as I think the band was as well) when Dan sat in with the band and did a great job drumming for "Ants Marching."  Though I wasn't surprised by this fact as both Laura and Dan teach music!

It really was a great day and I don't think I've ever worked with a bride that was so giddy all day! Laura was a smiling bubble of happiness throughout the day and was even a champ as things cooled off with the setting of the sun while we did some formals at the state capitol.  Thanks so much guys for a fun filled day of image making!  Thanks too to Liss Flint for coming along!