Caryn and Aaron a Golden Lamb Wedding

Caryn and Aaron's wedding was an amazing day!  It started with getting ready pics and I must say Caryn was the perfect bride, completely unaware of the camera and soaking in her big day!  

It was the first time I'd ever witnessed a flower girl literally placing each petal for the bride to walk upon!  As adorable as that was, the bride and groom made the day with such heart felt nuptials.  As a photographer the Golden Lamb is one of the most challenging places I'll ever shoot.  The lighting in the Buttery's barn is challenging, but my goodness, the moments in this cozy New England barn!  I love this place!  Caryn and Aaron were an amazing couple to work with and the setting was perfect!  

God speed to you guys and thanks so much for another Golden Lamb wedding!!!

As usual, click on any pic to view it larger!  Oh and if you click to view a pic and looks blurry, give it a second!  If you're on a slow internet connection or cell phone, it may take a second for the "full" resolution pic to show up!