Joanna and Mike, a wedding!

Joanna and Mike were married September 7th of this year.  What an amazing day!  I had done boudoir pictures with Joanna for an album she wanted for her wedding day and a snafu with the album company had delayed the delivery to the DAY OF THE WEDDING!  As fate would have it the FedEx truck showed up the morning of the wedding and the day was saved!  Thanks so much to for stepping up in a HUGE way!  The book showed up and the day was amazing!  The love that day was palpable.  Joanna truly loves Mike and all those that were witness to the wedding were right there with them all day.  Truly a wonderful experience for me as a photographer and a person :)


Joanna and Mike's wedding day was a wonderful blend of old world culture, youthful awesomeness and LOTS of family!  It was one of those weddings where you get to hear toasts in two languages and cheers, laughter and clapping from the English speaking guests and those that had traveled soooo many miles to be at the wedding.  It's times like that that I realize, my job isn't just to take pictures.  My job is a responsibility to the bride, groom and their families to capture the BEST pictures I can.

Thanks so much to Joanna and Mike for a wonderful day!

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