Tracy and Jeff's Mystic Seaport Wedding

July 26, 2013 I had the pleasure of shooting Tracy and Jeff's wedding at the Mystic Seaport.   These two... wow, the love!  The one thing I came away from this wedding with was that these two have families that support them and truly care that they, Tracy and Jeff had the most amazing day possible.  Moms and Dads just rode the wave of happiness that came along ALL DAY!  The weather was threatening throughout the day, a band of showers hovered mere miles away.  Moments before the ceremony, raindrops fell "pit-pat" upon the seats and my gear.  I didn't close my gear bag and move inside, I KNEW we'd have a wedding on the lawn.  Sure enough, as Jeff and the guys walked toward the ceremony site, the skies pulled back, and the radar showed a line of showers off in the distance that would leave us be for their marriage and subsequently the rest of the day!

Maybe it was the fact that I myself had found new love myself, (yay me!) or maybe it was the fact that the love these two exude is so powerful, but I didn't want to leave their wedding!  It was such a fun night!  Look at the image below where Tracy jumps into Jeff's arms.  Who wouldn't want to be witness to that!  Tracy and Jeff have been so great as clients, they understand that I'm a Dad to two great kids, and a wedding photographer that works as hard as he can to make great images for them.

Thanks Tracy and Jeff!  You guys are a model of what love should be ;) 

Thanks also to Tracy for the kind words!