My Lord Thomson Manor Wedding Bride and Groom

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa and Bryan today to deliver their wedding day images.  They were married at Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT at the end of November.  Their Disney themed wedding was really well done, right down to the finest of details.  The reason for this post isn't the usual, "look at all these wedding pictures!" It's more to say thanks to them.  They specifically requested that we meet in person to deliver their images.  We talked about the wedding, answered a lot of questions about things that happened and why they happened (which is always fun to find out!).  But I also got to hear first hand, what their honeymoon to South Africa was like.  To be sure, from what they told me it was an epic trip from the beauty of the country to the hardships that area endures on a daily basis.  I'm so glad this fantastic couple chose me to be their wedding photographer!  Lisa handed me an envelope at our meeting.  I didn't open it there.  We were too busy catching up!  I opened it when I got home.  There was a little "somethin' somethin'" in the envelope which is always nice.  But this is the part that I liked the best:

Lord Thompson wedding thanks.

Thanks Lisa and Bryan.  Best wedding to end the year on :)