summer time @ zula in hartford...

this summer I was invited by my good friend kia at estoccasions to come out to zula in hartford to shoot some models in their really cool restaurant/bar.  i had the ever-so talented brad smith in tow and we had a blast!  i wasn't planning on posting these images for no other reason than it was another blog post to do, but i've been inspired as of late by the fact that i know  that one of my brides (whose wedding is fast approaching) is stalking my blog!  so miss s., this one is for you and hopefully i can keep the blogging fires burning on my own after you've stalked your own wedding on here ;)

side notes: the group pictures were shot as 15 second exposures all lit by me walking around with a light and lighting each couple as i walked.  it came out really cool!  there's one picture in here that is one of my favorite pics i've ever taken too, i can't explain why, i just love it!  guess if you wish :)

as always, click on an image to view it larger!