lisa and brody married at the golden lamb buttery

lisa and brody were married on a day that looked like it was to be a total washout.  brad smith was my second photographer that day and we were in constant contact regarding the line of torrential rainshowers that were drenching the area.  their wedding was to start in the early afternoon at the golden lamb buttery, right here in my hometown of brooklyn, ct.   the storms slowly crept off to the southeast.  when we arrived at the hotel, brody, the groom to be, assured us that the soaking was over and that it wouldn't return.  thank goodness he was right!

lisa, quite possibly the most positive bundle of smiles i've ever met was so happy to be being  married!  one of the things i remember most about their wedding was during lisa's getting ready process.  as photographers we are privy to nearly all the behind the scenes drama or discussions or judgement calls.  well, this time, i got to see a bride decide she wasn't going to wear her veil.  this may sound like small potatoes, but as many of you brides and brides to be know, this is a big deal!  but cool as a cucumber, lisa said "i'm not wearing the veil."  her mom protested a bit, but everyone could tell, there was no arguing.  no veil.  just a neat little insight to the final product, a gorgeous bride on her wedding day!

i loved shooting your wedding guys and godspeed!!!