aimee and dev at the squantum association, RI

as i post aimee and dev's images from their gorgeous wedding at the squatum association in rhode island, i'm reminded of all the other great wedding blog posts i lost with the great strawberry road website crash of '12.  i'm looking into a way to resurrect them but in the mean time, i have to keep looking forward as well!

as i mentioned earlier, aimee and dev were married at the squantum association in east providence , ri. i had mike spirito along as second shooter as he was kind enough to fill in for another go to associate liss flint who was helping a family member get better.  i really couldn't have had a nicer couple to work with that day.  aimee and dev's family and friends are equally as cool and chilled out as they are and in all, it was just a great group of people to be around.  the rain tried to get started a few times but never really came down.  it was incredibly hot and humid all day and i have to say, whomever had the idea of getting the del's lemonade truck to show up: genius!!!  this is the 3rd wedding i've been at this year that had del's on the menu during some portion of the day and its always a hit!  the ceremony went off without a hitch and there was even a canon blast at its culmination!   things wrapped up with some very energized dancing and i'm pretty sure, there wasn't a single person that didn't have a fantastic time at this wedding!  all the best to aimee and dev....

*editor's note: a special thanks to brad smith for pointing out that i had misspelled del's.