Sabrina and Will's Wedding at the Valley Springs Sportsman's Club

     Sabrina and Will's wedding took place the day before hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast.  But i have to say, the weather the day of their wedding was simply gorgeous!  I met up with Sabrina at the start of the day and honestly, she met me at the door in a sweatshirt and sweat pants with hair and makeup done and she looked beautiful!  The air was ripe with nervousness but she was cool!  There comes a moment in a wedding day when the rhythm takes over and you can tell the bride simply steps into the stream leading toward her alter and all is good.  Sabrina made that step and when she met her husband-to-be at the alter you could just tell, all was right in her world.  

     I am so happy to have shot their wedding!  it was a great day, and i'm pretty sure i can say, there was no couple more in love that day!

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