Amada and Ryan an engagement shoot @ Harkness

     This was an interesting shoot!  Not because amanda and ryan are different in any way but because we shot their engagement at a park in the region recently ravaged by hurricane sandy.  Things appeared relatively normal in the area, but we did see evidence of how high the waters had made it on shore.  There was a strange reckoning of what it must have been like to stand where we were just a week prior.

     All that being said, we slipped right into eshoot mode right away!  Amanda had admitted she was nervous and i can blame her!  Sometimes we forget what its like to be on the opposite side of the lens, but we hit our groove pretty quickly!  We made use of the amazing grounds at Harkness park and made some really cool pics!  

     Guys, i can't wait to shoot your wedding!  It's going to be a blast and for those of you reading that don't know where the wedding will be, let me set the scene:  a Christmas tree farm atop one of the highest hills in Brooklyn, ct.  It shall be, for lack of a better term, epic!

      Thanks for a great shoot guys!

     As always, click on a pic to view it larger!