anh and justin's nyc engagement@ high line...

     anh and justin are in love!  i mean, that crazy, can't keep their hands off each other kind of love.  they did something during their e-session i have never seen before!  first, let me preface this by saying, that it is rare that an image from the first series of images from the first pose we do ever makes it past the cutting room.  i ended up using the very first image i took of them!!! as to the never seen before part; i had posed them where i wanted them, walked back to where i wanted to shoot from, look down at my camera, set iso aperture, etc., turn around to start shooting and they were kissing!!!  before i even said a word!!!  that never happens!!!  anh and justin, you guys were awesome, thanks for a fun shoot!

     one of the things that makes shooting in nyc so fun is the people.  fellow photographer brad smith was along for the shoot as our other reason for being in the city besides my shoot with anh and justin was the nyc photoexpo and brad had an eshoot that evening in hoboken.  while we were working with anh and justin, there were a ton of school aged kids visiting the high line.  it's funny how brazen kids in groups can be, but they saw a couple working with 2 photographers and they would come up and ask anh and justin if they were famous!  it was really cute and well, my wonderful couples were stars for an hour!!! 

     a little strawberry road side note here:  a few years ago through the magic of the old facebook, i got reconnected with a college friend.  his name is peter and i swear to you, if you ever had the pleasure of hanging out with peter and me together, the laughter could quite possibly kill you.  not braging, its just true :)  anyhow, i had the pleasure of shooting peter's wedding to his lovely wife/love emily on the high line.  ever since then, going back there reminds me of one of the best friends i've ever had.  ergo, i love the high line!  peter and emily moved to china shortly after marrying to teach english to chinese children (presumably so that when china takes over the world we can at least talk to the people that own us, but i digress).  i miss him terribly for the simple fact that we could wax on for hours about nothing.  friends like that are hard to come by.  read up on peter and emily's saga in china here.  it's quite entertaining!

     anh and justin, sorry for hijacking your post with my meanderings!  i can't wait for the wedding!

per usual, click on pics for a larger view!l