kylie and rob, remembering...

     with the great blog crash of '12 i was devastated to lose so many blog posts with my thoughts and feelings that i got with every wedding i'd shot under the strawberry road umbrella.  but a good friend of mine over at brad smith photography posts a nice little 'looking back on the blog,' where he reposts the fantastic work he's done in the past.  that made me realize the opportunity i was given by wiping my blog slate clean.  i can repost images from day's of yore and give my thoughts about what made that wedding shine in my memory!  so here goes:

      kylie and rob.  i still remember meeting them at a mall in trumbull before booking them.  i made my way to the parking lot sooooo hopeful they would book with me, the meeting went great, the vibe was fantastic everything clicked!  i remember driving out of the parking lot and calling a colleague  (hands free mind you :)  and complaining about how great the meeting was and how i'd probably not book them for whatever reason when i got a text.  it was from kylie, they felt the same thing i did and that they were going to book me. there's a great lesson in that.  as a photographer i should have greater confidence when a meeting is a home run.  more important, as a bride and goom-to-be you should feel that click with your photographer.  that something that makes you feel like he/she is the one that 'gets' you and what you want your wedding to look like in images.  sure, price is a factor.  but remember this, your images are all you have after your big day.  sure there's the dress, but that's on a hanger waiting for a daughter to use the fabric.  if you save the cake topper that will be eaten on your first anniversary.  it's the pictures, that's all.  

     kylie and rob were so 'present' on their wedding day.  they soaked up every moment!  i have great images of kylie doing victory arms raised high in her wedding dress before she was married. I was proud to capture their big day.   my second photographer for their wedding was my dear friend liss flint.  and yeah, the look of my images has changed a bit since their wedding, but liss and i knocked it out of the park, kylie and rob loved their pictures and if they ever renew their vows, i'd kill to be there!  so glad to have kylie and rob in the strawberry road family!