Stacey and Marcin a Blast From the Past and present....

I have to admit, I've been remiss in posting for no other reason than life happening.  Kids, parents, and simply not enough hours in the day.  Somehow, I dropped the ball on sending this amazing couple their full res images for far too long.  I shot their wedding back in 2014, they do have their images an I can assure you but not the full res ones, but I'm happy to say they'll have the printable version in the next 48hrs!  These guys are still going strong and in full on family mode!  Stacie and Marcin, I'm so proud to have photographed your wedding and I hope the best for you guys forever!   Check your mail for an "I'm sorry" from Strawberry Road.

Ashley and Jared's Woodwinds Wedding

Ashley and Jared chose Woodwinds for their reception.  We spent the day along the coast making images and we spent time at Chamard Vineyards as well.  As amazing as those locations were, it really didn't matter.  It was a day of love, family and and a couple that is head over heals for each other!  I'm so blessed to book the couples that I do!  Ashley and Jared, God Speed to you guys!  Thanks for having me!

Sarah and Jon, a Northeast CT farm wedding!

Sarah and Jon.  What can I say?  These two are head over heals for each other and swimming in the love of their friends and family.  I shot their engagement during the tail end of one of the heaviest snow storms of 2015.  We made some amazing engagement photos but Sarah told me about how amazing the wedding day would be.  It was all she had explained and more!  Friends, kids, family and cows!  I couldn't be happier with the images made that day, but I have to say, I'm sorry I missed the after party!  I was invited but I had to get teasers out to this amazing bride!