Ellen and Ben. Wright's Mill Farm Wedding awesomeness!

Ellen and Ben's Wrights Mill Farm wedding!  We started at Alexander's Lake.  The tone was that of quiet anticipation.  Ellen was clearly excited for the day ahead.  When I arrived at the ceremony site, Ben was calmly waiting for things to begin.  The guests had gathered, the forest setting was peaceful, then... the low rumble of a vintage muscle car grew closer and suddenly it came into view with Ellen, her mom, and her maid of honor perched excitedly on the back of this classic rag top!

After her entrance, the day took on a life all its own.  I'm very  happy with the images we made that day!  Especially since finding out, Ben and Ellen worked their wedding budget around hiring me!  I'm truly honored by that sentiment.  But more important, they set aside 1.5hrs for photos.  That gave us the time necessary to create a small catalog of really wonderful images!

Thanks Ellen and Ben!

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Lara and Joczan's Riverview wedding in Simsbury!

The day was perfect for Lara and Joczan's wedding!  Sunny skies, a warm breeze and a beautiful ceremony.  And that's where the "usual" wedding stuff ends!  Oh my goodness, the PARTY that was their day!  We started quietly in the bridal prep area.  Girls getting ready, hair and makeup, you know, the usual.  But as the ceremony grew closer there was an energy like a big rubber band was being methodically twisted, storing its energy in anticipation.  The ceremony was a wonderful sharing of stories, nuptials, laughs and happy tears.  Then, when we started formals, that rubber band was let go and the energy ramped up like you wouldn't believe!  Joking, laughing, hugging, people just connecting in the way that only truly happy families can.  It really was one of those weddings that you start shooting in the morning and before you know it, it's over and your head is spinning with all that you got to witness!!!

One of the things I truly loved about Lara and Joczan's wedding was the vibe of families coming together under the umbrella of love created by a really great couple.  I would really like to party with you guys one day!!! Thanks for having me!


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Allison and David's Late Spring Wedding & Maneely's!!!

On May 25th, 2014, thunderstorms were passing through the region and I spent the morning watching the weather forecasts.  By no means do I see a rainy wedding day as a bad thing.  There are plenty of cool options photographically speaking, but thunderstorms can bring a little bit of trepidation! As fate would have it, the storms passed to the north and south of Allison and David's wedding! 

It was a blast shooting with them!  All weddings leave you with some sort of feeling.  Sometimes, you can't quite put your finger on it and other times it's so strong that it leaves you with a feeling that you wish you could do it again.  The day was so happy, so low-key and focused on love that I wish I could bottle that to sip on from time to time!

What we did get that we can take away and revisit, was great images.  Allison and David, thanks so much for having me on your wedding day :)

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