Merlinda and Maurice, a country wedding at Wood Acres Farm.

Merlinda and Maurice were married in October of last year.   It was a wonderful, on location wedding in the hills of Western CT at Wood Acres Farm.  The scene was set with the farm nestled into the hills and the hustle and bustle of Merlinda and her bridesmaids and family getting read when I arrived.  The weather cooperated and the sun was warm as they shared their vows on the porch of a cozy little cabin on the property.  The entire day went off without a hitch and the evening wrapped up beautifully with some really fun dancing and partying!  It was great to see these two families and their friends tear it up on this fantastic evening!


A little side note: as a photographer, I've had the pleasure of working with so many amazing, talented and dedicated professionals.  Merlinda and I have crossed paths many  times over the past years at various events, be they weddings or style shoots.  I'd be behind the lens and she'd be doing hair and makeup for clients or models.  In the countless times we've worked together, I was always impressed with her work, her level of professionalism and her willingness to go the extra mile to make sure her subject looked just so before getting in front of the camera.  If you're a bride to be, a model looking for a stylist for a shoot or just someone who needs a top notch hair and makeup artist, please don't hesitate to ask me for Merlinda's contact info.  I'd hire her for my own daughter's wedding (God willing that's quite a ways off, but you get the drift ;)


Ok!  Enough chatter!  Following are some of the pics from Merlinda and Maurice's big day.  Thanks so much for having me, it was a great time!

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Amanda and Joe - A Harkness Engagement

Amanda and Joe (and their dog) were so much fun to work with!  We had the run of Harkness Park in Waterford CT for their engagement pics and we used the better part of the whole place!


One thing I always tell my brides is to never under-estimate the importance of your engagement session.  It's a real chance to get to work with your photographer before your big day. It's also the next step in getting to know more about each other as couple and photographer.  That little bit of extra "knowing" translates to a better connection on your wedding day which will quite probably lead to better pictures!!!


Thanks to Amanda and Joe for a great e-session and I can't wait for the wedding!

Caryn and Aaron a Golden Lamb Wedding

Caryn and Aaron's wedding was an amazing day!  It started with getting ready pics and I must say Caryn was the perfect bride, completely unaware of the camera and soaking in her big day!  

It was the first time I'd ever witnessed a flower girl literally placing each petal for the bride to walk upon!  As adorable as that was, the bride and groom made the day with such heart felt nuptials.  As a photographer the Golden Lamb is one of the most challenging places I'll ever shoot.  The lighting in the Buttery's barn is challenging, but my goodness, the moments in this cozy New England barn!  I love this place!  Caryn and Aaron were an amazing couple to work with and the setting was perfect!  

God speed to you guys and thanks so much for another Golden Lamb wedding!!!

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Joanna and Mike, a wedding!

Joanna and Mike were married September 7th of this year.  What an amazing day!  I had done boudoir pictures with Joanna for an album she wanted for her wedding day and a snafu with the album company had delayed the delivery to the DAY OF THE WEDDING!  As fate would have it the FedEx truck showed up the morning of the wedding and the day was saved!  Thanks so much to for stepping up in a HUGE way!  The book showed up and the day was amazing!  The love that day was palpable.  Joanna truly loves Mike and all those that were witness to the wedding were right there with them all day.  Truly a wonderful experience for me as a photographer and a person :)


Joanna and Mike's wedding day was a wonderful blend of old world culture, youthful awesomeness and LOTS of family!  It was one of those weddings where you get to hear toasts in two languages and cheers, laughter and clapping from the English speaking guests and those that had traveled soooo many miles to be at the wedding.  It's times like that that I realize, my job isn't just to take pictures.  My job is a responsibility to the bride, groom and their families to capture the BEST pictures I can.

Thanks so much to Joanna and Mike for a wonderful day!

As usual, click on any pic to view it larger!  Oh and if the pic looks blurry, give it a second!  If you're on a slow internet connection or cell phone, it may take a second for the "full" resolution pic to show up!



Tracy and Jeff's Mystic Seaport Wedding

July 26, 2013 I had the pleasure of shooting Tracy and Jeff's wedding at the Mystic Seaport.   These two... wow, the love!  The one thing I came away from this wedding with was that these two have families that support them and truly care that they, Tracy and Jeff had the most amazing day possible.  Moms and Dads just rode the wave of happiness that came along ALL DAY!  The weather was threatening throughout the day, a band of showers hovered mere miles away.  Moments before the ceremony, raindrops fell "pit-pat" upon the seats and my gear.  I didn't close my gear bag and move inside, I KNEW we'd have a wedding on the lawn.  Sure enough, as Jeff and the guys walked toward the ceremony site, the skies pulled back, and the radar showed a line of showers off in the distance that would leave us be for their marriage and subsequently the rest of the day!

Maybe it was the fact that I myself had found new love myself, (yay me!) or maybe it was the fact that the love these two exude is so powerful, but I didn't want to leave their wedding!  It was such a fun night!  Look at the image below where Tracy jumps into Jeff's arms.  Who wouldn't want to be witness to that!  Tracy and Jeff have been so great as clients, they understand that I'm a Dad to two great kids, and a wedding photographer that works as hard as he can to make great images for them.

Thanks Tracy and Jeff!  You guys are a model of what love should be ;) 

Thanks also to Tracy for the kind words!